11 September, 2020


Transnational education at pre-university level

ID Title Authors
11 Are secondary mathematics student teachers ready for the profession? A multi-actor perspective on mathematics student teachers’ mastery of related competences Laura Muñiz-Rodríguez, Pedro Alonso, Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz and Martin Valcke
38 From Trivium to Smart Education Javier Teira Lafuente, Ana Belén Gil González and Ana de Luis
53 Analysis and classification of inappropriate strategies used by students to find the winning strategy in Catch the Frog and Daisy games Esther Lorenzo-Fernandez and Jordi Deulofeu
7 Implementation of an integrated STEM activity in pre-primary schools Eva M. García Terceño, Ileana M. Greca, Andreas Redfors and Marie Fridberg
26 Intentions towards Following Science and Engineering Studies among Primary Education Pupils Participating in Integrated STEAM Activities Jairo Ortiz-Revilla and Ileana M. Greca
13 Engagement and Learning from a Team-Based Mini-Project in Mechatronic Engineering Noel A. Murphy and Jennifer A. Bruton
9 Educational-oriented Mobile Robot: Hidden Lessons Francisco Manuel García-Álvarez and Matilde Santos

Transnational education at university level

ID Title Authors
3 The Acquisition of Competences in Transnational Education through the ePortfolio Monika Ciesielkiewicz, Claire Frances Bonilla and Matilde Santos Peñas
5 A Conceptual Framework for a Communication and Collaboration Platform within a European Transnational Logistics Knowledge Cluster of Universities and Companies Mariela Castro Kohler and Tobias Hagen
18 Variables influencing university dropout: a machine learning-based study Irene Díaz, Ana B. Bernardo Gutiérrez, María Esteban and Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz
19 Prospective teachers creating and solving a probability problem: an exploratory study Marlén Alonso-Castaño, Pedro Alonso, Maria Mellone and Luis J. Rodriguez-Muñiz
39 Introducing active methodologies in Renewable Energy Engineering Bachelor in Mathematical and Numerical Analysis subject Oihana Aristondo, J. David Nuñez-Gonzalez and Manuel Grana
42 Estimating Expected Student Academic Performance Walter Orozco, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez-García and Alberto Fernández
45 International PhD Quality Assessment: Growing Awareness of Transnational Projection Bruno Baruque-Zanón and Ana María Lara-Palma
47 Trends and Patterns of International Student Mobility: The case of Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science at the University of Burgos Ángel Arroyo, Secil Bayraktar, Carlos Cambra, Daniel Urda and Álvaro Herrero

Special Session: Role of English in Transnational Education and Teacher Training

ID Title Authors
4 The European Foreign Language Teacher Training Programme: A Comprehensive Proposal María Amor Barros del Río
10 The European Portfolio for Student Teachers of Languages: a Reflection and Communication Tool in Teacher Education Programmes Aránzazu Lucía Cosido García
23 The Relevance of an Intercultural Approach in Teaching English for Academic Purposes Paola Clara Leotta
24 Adopting the Montessori methodology in teaching languages to adult students Alina Doroch
43 Cross-cultural experiences in transnational education: preservice teachers and global perspectives Concetta Maria Sigona and Alba Fernández Alonso

Special Session: Personalization and ICT: a Path to Educational Inclusion

ID Title Authors
21 NetExtractor. A semi-automatic educational tool for network extraction conceived to differentiate by student interest Luis Miguel Cabrejas-Arce, Jorge Navarro, Virginia Ahedo and José Manuel Galán
40 Comparative of clustering techniques for academic advice and performance measurement Maria Teresa Garcia-Ordas, Jose Antonio Lopez-Vazquez, Hector Alaiz-Moreton, Jose Luis Casteleiro-Roca, David Yeregui Marcos-Blanco, Roberto Casado-Vara and Jose Luis Calvo-Rolle
51 English for Specific Purposes and Dyslexia at Higher-Education Level: Overcoming the Challenges of Vocabulary Acquisition Alba Fernández-Alonso and Concetta Maria Sigona
54 Educational inclusion: teachers ‘technical needs and supports. Beatriz Núñez, Antonella Valenti and Sonia Sapia

Special Session: Innovation and Research Findings in Engineering Higher Education

ID Title Authors
27 Motivation, technical achievement and communication skills in Engineering Degree Projects under the European Higher Education Area Javier Rodríguez Martín, Ignacio López Paniagua, Susana Sánchez Orgaz, Celina González Fernández, Carlos Arnaiz del Pozo, Ángel Jiménez Álvaro and Rafael Nieto Carlier
31 Developing Engineering skills in Secondary students through STEM Project Based Learning Miguel Ángel Queiruga Dios, Emilia López Iñesta, María Diez Ojeda, María Consuelo Sáiz Manzanares and José Benito Vázquez Dorrío
32 Towards an innovative learning of chemical and enzymatic catalysis for Moroccan secondary students Mohammed Amine Merzougui, Rachid Janati-Idrisi, Mohamed Dakkach, Mourad Madrane, Mohammed Laafou and Fernando Aguilar-Romero
33 The International Mobility Strategy of the ENSA El Jadida in Morocco: the Case Study of Student’s Exchange with Spain. Mohamed Lifi, Sanae El Hassani and Fernando Aguilar Romero
34 The Impact of International Mobility in Doctoral Training in Novel Research Groups: a Case Study Gabriel Rubio-Pérez, Mohamed Lifi, Raúl Briones-Llorente and Fernando Aguilar Romero
36 Enhancing interactive teaching of engineering topics using digital materials of the MERLOT database Natalia Muñoz-Rujas, Jennifer Baptiste, Ana Pavani and Eduardo Montero Garcia
44 Technologies applied to the improvement of academic performance in the teaching-learning process in Secondary students Miguel Ángel Queiruga-Dios, Emilia López Iñesta, María Diez Ojeda and José Benito Vázquez-Dorrío
46 Data collection description for evaluation and analysis of engineering students academic performance Jose Antonio Lopez Vazquez, Jose-Luis Casteleiro-Roca, Esteban Jove, Francisco Zayas-Gato, Hector Quintian and Jose Luis Calvo-Rolle

Special Session: Practical Implementations of Novel Initiatives

ID Title Authors
6 Expansion of an evidence-based workshop for teaching of Artificial Intelligence in schools Julian Estevez, Gorka Garate, José Manuel López-Guede and Manuel Graña
8 Design of a PBL experience in the field of Sustainability for Industrial Informatics Isidro Calvo, Gil-Garcia Jose Miguel, Estibaliz Apiñaniz, Cesar Escudero, Angel J. Garcia-Adeva, Amaia Mesanza and Maria Gaston
15 Simple Conception of Photoresistor Cell Current- Voltage Characteristic measurement by Arduino-based Platform for Educational Purposes. Abdelaziz El Moussaouy, Mohammed El Hadi, Abdelaziz Ouariach, Rachid Essaadaoui, Driss Bria and Khalid Laabidi
29 Dual University Training at the Faculty of Engineering Vitoria-Gasteiz Jose Antonio Ramos-Hernanz, Inmaculada Tazo-Herran, Ekaitz Zulueta, Amaia Mesanza-Moraza, Ruperta Delgado-Tercero, Javier Sancho-Saiz, Estibaliz Apiñaniz-Fernandez de Larrinoa and Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede
41 Electromobility Laboratory: A Contribution for Student Participation in Higher Education Felipe A. Nunez-Donoso and Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede

Special Session: Innovation in Computer Science Higher Education

ID Title Authors
12 Classroom Improvement Cycle in Architecture by means of problem-based learning Maria Victoria Requena-Garcia-Cruz and Antonio Morales-Esteban
14 Problem Generalization for Designing Recursive Algorithms Diana Borrego, Irene Barba, Miguel Toro and Carmelo Del Valle
25 Analysis of student achievement scores via Cluster Analysis Viviana E. Jiménez Chaves, Miguel García Torres, David Becerra Alonso, Francisco Gómez Vela, Federico Divina and José Luis Vázquez Noguera
28 Knowledge Modelling for Ill-Defined Domains using Learning Analytics: Lineworkers case Guillermo Santamaría-Bonfil, Hector Díaz-Rodríguez, Gustavo Arroyo-Figueroa and Rafael Batres
35 School Success and School Dropout in Portuguese Polytechnic Higher Education (Case Study) Elsa Rodrigues
37 Use of IT in project-based learning applied to the subject Surveying in Civil Engineering Oihana Mitxelena-Hoyos, José-Lázaro Amaro-Mellado and Francisco Martínez-Álvarez