27 September, 2019

SS01 – Special Session on Transnational STEM education from Kindergarten to University


“Integrated STEM education” is the most recent proposal for improving the teaching and learning of the disciplines referred to by the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from Kindergarten to University.  It seems that under its umbrella these disciplines are beginning to be integrated in a more educationally fruitful way, in an approach that it is expanding nowadays, albeit with quite a few critical voices. Undoubtedly, promoting STEM careers must be a priority in the EU context, where mobility of people is also a fact.

This special session is focused on discussing potentials and limitations of cross-border teaching and learning within the STEM umbrella. So, innovative practices in all aspects of teaching and learning, ongoing experiences with preliminary results and substantiated criticism are welcome.


Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Integrated STEM education
  • Educative robotics
  • Development of Computational thinking during compulsory schooling
  • Engineering design approaches for science education
  • Socio-scientific IBSE for integrated STEM
  • Robotics and STEM proposals for inclusive education 
  • Competencial assessment for integrated STEM practices
  • Teachers training for STEM
  • STEM and creativity and arts

Session Chairs

  • Ileana M. Greca, University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Marta Romero Ariza, University of Jaén (Spain)
  • Agueda Gras-Velazquez, European Schoolnet (Belgium)


Prof. Ileana M. Greca

Universidad de Burgos, Education School

C/ Villadiego, 1. 09001 Burgos, Spain

e-mail: imgreca@ubu.es