9 October, 2019

SS04 – Special Session on Personalization and ICT: a Path to Educational Inclusion


There is a limited intervention to promote access to the teaching-learning process in a transnational educational context. Some countries have included, in their educational legislation, compulsory schooling in the ordinary school for children with disabilities since the age of 6. Consequently, there is a need to provide teachers with the appropriate resources to contribute to the integral development of students.

In this international challenge, there are tools that help teachers adapting their lessons to those children with special needs by integrating them into the normal course development with the rest of the children with or without disabilities. Present session will focus on those ICT tools that support educational inclusion of children with disabilities.


Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • The promotion of educational inclusion activities through the use of ICT, improving personalization, simplifying configuration and observing transnationalization.
  • Access to compatible cross-border technological resources that are easy to use by professionals and students.
  • The need to customize assistance and devices to the specific needs of children with disabilities.
  • The acquisition of affordable, portable, updatable and customizable ICT resources.
  • The involvement of the different professionals of the centers in the integral education of the students.
  • Continuous transnational training of education professionals and the improvement of their skills.

Session Chairs

  • Beatriz Núñez Angulo, University of Burgos (Spain)
  • Sonia Sapia, Universitá della Calabria (Italy)


Prof. Beatriz Núñez Angulo

Universidad de Burgos, Faculty of Education

C/ Villadiego, 1. 09001 Burgos, Spain

e-mail: bnunez@ubu.es