12 December, 2016

Travel Information

The city of Burgos is a crossroads between the North, South, East and West. Its privileged location, approximately in the North-Centre of the peninsula, makes the city a mandatory stopping point when travelling towards the Basque Country and France, it also gives access to Cantabria.


Public car parking in Burgos: http://www.aytoburgos.es/movilidad-y-transporte/mapa-aparcamientos-publicos


The bus station is located in the city centre. Less than 10 minutes away of the cathedral and the Human Evolution Museum. Next to the South Market.

Address: C/ Miranda 4-6, 09002 Burgos

Phone: 947-288855

Opening times: 06:00 to 01:00

Website: http://www.aytoburgos.es/turismo-en-burgos/como-llegar/estacion-de-autobuses-de-burgos

Information on lines, timetables and operators: http://www.aytoburgos.es/movilidad-y-transporte/lineas-estacion-autobuses


Burgos Rosa de Lima train station is an important railway between Madrid and the cities in the north. The modern station offers medium distance and long distance services. The “AVE” (Spanish High Speed train) is planned to reach Burgos in 2020.

The train station is located in the north part of the city, 5 km away of the historic centre.

Address: Avenida Príncipe de Asturias s/n, 09006 Burgos.

Phone: 902-320320

Opening times: 24 hours. Opening times of the ticket office: from 7.15 to 22.00.

Bus lines that connect to the train station 25, 43 and 80.Information

Website: http://www.renfe.com


Burgos airport is located approximately four kilometres north east of the city centre. Nowadays the only company that operates in this airport is Air Nostrum. At certain times of the year this company offers charter flights to some Spanish and European cities.

Airport information: http://www.aena.es/es/aeropuerto-burgos/index.html